Week 8 : Watch video and write a post about your digital footprints

Well i haven’t join that much activity on the internet so far , but i’ve only join around 4 or 5 i believe , I join Facebook , Yahoo messenger , Twitter but it was an epic fail because i didnt remember a lot of stuff and i was young so everything on it was so stupid , There are some really weird sites too like Pixie hollow I join it because people tole me to and i thought the pixies were pretty. I played with superpokepet for awhile, I believe those are all the activity I have join on the internet . The information that i gave them are really basic ones , like my full name , the date and the year of my birthday , the email I use that they can send email and notifications and the last one is not so common but a question that I can answer immediately so i can change my password but i never answer the question that is not needed.

When I search on Google all I could find was a bunch of Facebook that were not mine but when i clicked on the photo option the picture were not in the same category but were all mix up like they put on random photos, it is very strange I was unable to find any information about on the internet, I believe this is because I’m not very socially active

Survey of my blog :)

I have written 7 post since March 2012 , including this one , five were because of the blogging challenge and two were written about my own interest. I’ve receive three comments so far and I believe they are all over seas student. The post that receive the most comment was my favorite movie post , I believe that people  commented on it was because they found something that they had in common with the post , like the people that commented on it , they both like scary movies. The post I enjoy writing the most must be the volunteer post , because i have a feeling like i really want to do it right after but it was hard because i haven’t really found any organization that hires volunteer student to go to the beach to clean it up. I changed my blog theme because the boring theme were not so interesting and I’m more into the whole abstract theme , i find it so attractive and pretty. I have 17 over sea students on my blogroll

Week 8 : Game preparation

Activity 2 : learning time

To come to think of it my family talks about mostly everything but if i have to pick i would pick the lessons my dad kept on teaching me about God and how we are terribly in dept due to what he have done for us and we are nothing without him , my Dad is a really religious person.

Whenever i do something wrong but especially in church he would say that if i continue on whatever in doing and don’t pay attention , God would punish me and i will never be able to live a happy after life but instead i would be burning somewhere to pay for my sins. My dad take our religion very serious.

One time when I start to think very closely about my religion and i start to have disbelieve in the bible and on god , so i didnt show as much respect as i use to , my dad did go completely insane but he did not scream in my face but he took a while to cool down and talk to me about it , unlike some other parents of my friend my dad did let me talk but i’m force to make sense and think it through very clearly , he answer with evidence and with very reasonably comments on my action , he started to show me all the miracle that God have done all over the world. He was very patient with me so he explain it to me for 3 days ina row even though it was truely very annoying but his lesson started to lean more on the result of my action for not believing in god, but in the end i did learn a lesson.


What type of volunteer work would you enjoy ?

I probably would chose to pick up trash on the beach first , because face it everybody comes to the beach to have an awesome relaxing time , so who would want to see a dirty beach fill with nasty stuff. I would enjoy this because it made me feel like i help nature and in a way help the environment , it feels like such a huge acc0mplisment

The next thing i would volunteer to do is to watch or babysit kids that are orphans , some of them are so cute and prutty , i feel bad for them and orphanage are manly open by a person that isnt rich or very rich but either way it shows that they have a heart, some of the people that isnt as rich cant really afford to hire many helpers, so it feels pretty good to be able to offer a helping hand so the could rest once in a while.

The third thing i would do is to help elderly people, by talking with them so they wont feel lonely , by telling them interesting stories or just help them with anything that you are capable of  , the simple things are often enough. It just feels good to help them , it feels like a way of repaying the person , they may be the person that took you back to your mama when you were little and lost so just thinking of it makes you feel really grateful.

The forth activity would be helping kids that is born with sickness that are not contagious but it makes them look different from others, some of them get pick and bullied on and its just stupid and wrong , i seriously dont get the point of bulling someone with a sickness , trying hard to drag them down to make you feel better , i would punch every bully in the face if i have to. I like helping them because it shows that they are really nice people , I enjoy cheering them up so they would feel so bad and beat themselves up because of it.






Let’s c  , My fav kind of movies of all time r Horror movie , ghost movie eveen though it will scare the livving hell out of me , its so intereting and excitting. Like the grudge and especially the movie the rings , where a girl got thrown into a well and someone made a tape , so whenever someone watches it they only have 7 days to live then the girl will come out of the TV and kill u.

I love scary movies but it takes me awhile to forget it and it’s embarrassing but whenever I finish a scary movie I’m force to sleep wth someone and it is usually my parents.

I love watching Disney channel but nowadays they start having alot of shows that I rly dont like , like Upin and Ipin and boboboy or sth.

I miss alot of thing on Disney channel , like Thats So Raven and the Kim Possible . I have to say , I like the Sweet Life of Zack and Cody better than the Sweet life on deck

So Much Rage

OMG , adding ppl just seriously make me want to explode , I’m so new to the whole blogging thingy 😀

It’s like I’ve tried really hard to get away from the whole blogging thing cause I’m scare that if I start blogging I would start writing and saying really stupid things ( like this one )

I had some rly bad memories when it comes to the whole bloggin’ thing

Introduction <3

Howdy !!

My name is Vickie , I’m from Vietnam and it is dang hot here .

I’m in grade 8 studying in The American School of Vietnam.

My family have 6 ppl , my parents , 2 big bros and a sis that gets on my nerves alot , her name is Nikki ! my older bro is Franky and the other is Wade. Their al’ight , but sometimes Nikki and Wade just drive me nuts.

My fav things to do involve , singing , sleeping , eating and listing to music.

I can get pretty emotional when i watch a sad movie like PS I Love You. Thats a dang sad movie !

I really like fast food and anything that can make people fat like chips ,  chocolate bar <3 and i also like mexican food. I love sushi , who doesnt like sushi ! I love french food and My favorites is cheese ! Yum :*

I love playing the piano but my dad didnt let me study anymore now I’m rly looking forward to learning the violin , I dont have that much patient but I’ll try my hardest cause it looks so awesome 😀

I love every color except brown and other color that may look like brown.

I love sundress and since I’m in vietnam i dont have like wait for the spring or anything , the climate r mostly the same here . I also like maxi dresses but not as much as sundress though. I love shorts the most cause it can literally can go with anything if your in a hurry. I love hoddies or sporty jackets with numbers , i hate wearing pink jackets but im al’ight if its a pink hoddie.


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