Week 8 : Game preparation

Activity 2 : learning time

To come to think of it my family talks about mostly everything but if i have to pick i would pick the lessons my dad kept on teaching me about God and how we are terribly in dept due to what he have done for us and we are nothing without him , my Dad is a really religious person.

Whenever i do something wrong but especially in church he would say that if i continue on whatever in doing and don’t pay attention , God would punish me and i will never be able to live a happy after life but instead i would be burning somewhere to pay for my sins. My dad take our religion very serious.

One time when I start to think very closely about my religion and i start to have disbelieve in the bible and on god , so i didnt show as much respect as i use to , my dad did go completely insane but he did not scream in my face but he took a while to cool down and talk to me about it , unlike some other parents of my friend my dad did let me talk but i’m force to make sense and think it through very clearly , he answer with evidence and with very reasonably comments on my action , he started to show me all the miracle that God have done all over the world. He was very patient with me so he explain it to me for 3 days ina row even though it was truely very annoying but his lesson started to lean more on the result of my action for not believing in god, but in the end i did learn a lesson.


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