Let’s cĀ  , My fav kind of movies of all time r Horror movie , ghost movie eveen though it will scare the livving hell out of me , its so intereting and excitting. Like the grudge and especially the movie the rings , where a girl got thrown into a well and someone made a tape , so whenever someone watches it they only have 7 days to live then the girl will come out of the TV and kill u.

I love scary movies but it takes me awhile to forget it and it’s embarrassing but whenever I finish a scary movie I’m force to sleep wth someone and it is usually my parents.

I love watching Disney channel but nowadays they start having alot of shows that I rly dont like , like Upin and Ipin and boboboy or sth.

I miss alot of thing on Disney channel , like Thats So Raven and the Kim Possible . I have to say , I like the Sweet Life of Zack and Cody better than the Sweet life on deck

So Much Rage

OMG , adding ppl just seriously make me want to explode , I’m so new to the whole blogging thingy šŸ˜€

It’s like I’ve tried really hard to get away from the whole blogging thing cause I’m scare that if I start blogging I would start writing and saying really stupid things ( like this one )

I had some rly bad memories when it comes to the whole bloggin’ thing

Introduction <3

Howdy !!

My name is Vickie , I’m from Vietnam and it is dang hot here .

I’m in grade 8 studying in The American School of Vietnam.

My family have 6 ppl , my parents , 2 big bros and a sis that gets on my nerves alot , her name is Nikki ! my older bro is Franky and the other is Wade. Their al’ight , but sometimes Nikki and Wade just drive me nuts.

My fav things to do involve , singing , sleeping , eating and listing to music.

I can get pretty emotional when i watch a sad movie like PS I Love You. Thats a dang sad movie !

I really like fast food and anything that can make people fat like chips ,Ā  chocolate bar <3 and i also like mexican food. I love sushi , who doesnt like sushi ! I love french food and My favorites is cheese ! Yum :*

I love playing the piano but my dad didnt let me study anymore now I’m rly looking forward to learning the violin , I dont have that much patient but I’ll try my hardest cause it looks so awesome šŸ˜€

I love every color except brown and other color that may look like brown.

I love sundress and since I’m in vietnam i dont have like wait for the spring or anything , the climate r mostly the same here . I also like maxi dresses but not as much as sundress though. I love shorts the most cause it can literally can go with anything if your in a hurry. I love hoddies or sporty jackets with numbers , i hate wearing pink jackets but im al’ight if its a pink hoddie.